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Are You….

Desiring a deeper yoga practice? Wanting to further experiment with elements of the practice? Craving a ritual of self care but don’t know where to start? Wanting a new collection of material to take into your own classes? Wanting to review different techniques from your teacher trainings? Feeling overwhelmed by how much information there is online?

I hear you.

Which is why I developed this program! Yoga has been the pathway to the exact tools that broke me free from the bondages of false happiness – and into the flow of the Divine. This program is a compilation of both techniques that have had big effects on my life within different spiritual experiences, as well as a way to either review or dig deeper in your own personal practice – from the comfort of your home. I remember leaving my first teacher training being overwhelmed by all of the information and stuck on how to review it all – which is why this program is also organized and filed into a perfect cabinet to pull from if you are a teacher yourself desiring new material or review!

My passion is sowing sadhana. Let me explain.

Sowing sadhana is the act of planting the seeds of spiritual practice. Except, I don’t have to plant anything, because these seeds already live in each of you. All I am here to do is help you remember. The seeds have always been there, and this is about acknowledging their existence and giving them light to grow and thrive. I am here to help you experience exactly what happened to me – a new reality based on connection with mind, body and spirit.

When sitting in my first yoga training over two years ago in India – I was at a confusion of emotion. I was drooling on every word that my teachers spoke, because with every second I was remembering what this human experience is all about. But at the same time, I was also quite disappointed. Why did it take me coming all the way to India – to go to school to become a yoga teacher – for me to sit here and hear these things for the first time? These were core and fundamental things that every human should be told as early in life as possible. And now, they have become the pillars for my happiness and freedom today.

This online program is a compilation of those six weeks of intense training compiled into a beautiful virtual package – fit for anyone looking to explore their mind, body and spirit on a level deeper than they have ever known. To discover the bliss and transformation possible behind this door. From anywhere in the world. Because it, I believe, is our birthright. It is knowledge that we have forgotten as a globe throughout the last several thousand years. And it’s time we remember who we really are. It’s time to water these seeds. It’s time to grow, to bloom, to expand and to BE – awake, alive & free.

Take the path of your life back into your own hands, and let’s embark on the spiritual quest you’ve been waiting for.

“My life has improved drastically since the program! Katie has a very warm and genuine soul – and is very well versed in holistic health, meditation and yoga. Since her program, I have been implementing a lot of her practices to my daily life and I have seen significant changes in many areas! If you are on the fence about this program, DO IT!”


Tech Recruiter

“I truly believe that the Universe gives you things only when you really need them. Katie’s program was exactly what I needed to jump-start my spiritual journey. It was simple yet stimulating, and I was easily able to follow her guides and appreciated every lesson that came with it. Each week allowed me to dig deep in different ways. Giving focus to the breath, the body and the mind… by the end of the course I felt lighter because I was able to focus on releasing and reflecting on all the tensions held within each respective space. I will definitely continue to use the practices provided in the course to enhance my self-care rituals.”


Database Administrator

“As someone just coming from a yoga teacher training, I found this course extremely helpful in grounding down all of the information I had learned – while further studying it!”


Yoga Teacher

Introducing the Program

Over the course of this program, we’ll be diving into some of the core aspects of the yogic path. Ancient teachings of wisdom that have been used for thousands of years. The goal being to give you solid tools and teachings that allow you to harness new energies in your body while also helping you establish a ritual and routine you can take with you on your own after this program. The way this is set up is to GUIDE you to do the things that will allow you to experience breakthroughs and new power within you.

If you are looking to create a daily ritual, then the idea is to build off of each week. So, the first week you will be doing about 10 minutes each day – and by the final week, your ritual will be one about hour. With this, you will be empowered to incorporate the program into your daily routine in whatever way that you wish.

If you are a yoga teacher who just finished training, or a teacher coming back after some time off and would like a tangible source to review the materials while using this as a source for new techniques in your classes, this is for you as well!

OR, perhaps you are a yogi – new or seasoned – just looking for a perfect bundle of new inspiration and elements of the practice to try out as you wish when you are at home within your own practice!

All of the information and offerings online can become extremely overwhelming and scattered, which is why I have packaged all of the elements together here for you in a perfect package!

This course is for you if you are:

The Yoga Bundle (Option 1) :

+ Wanting to explore new realms and elements of yoga within your private practice

+ Wanting to review material from your teacher training

+ Desiring a structured way to improve your daily ritual

+ Needing help integrating mass amounts of information into daily life in an organized way

+ Wanting to move at your own pace, or use this intermittently as you wish

+ Looking for new material and inspiration when designing your own classes

Beginning Your Spiritual Path & Want to be Fully Supported Through Your Experience (Option 2) :

+ Curious about the oldest science and wisdom known to man

+ Desiring a mentor to guide you through this process

+ Ready to empower yourself through joining your mind, body & spirit

+ Want to discover and nurture your spiritual self and discover the positive difference it makes in your everyday life

+ Looking for a new approach to your health and wellness

+ Seeking guidance on how to create a ritual of maintaining full energy during busy or stressful times

+ Seeking self care for healing wounds both old and new

+ In need of some structured and proactive “me time”

Module 1: Breath

This is the week of planting our seeds and establishing our new routine in a simple way. We will be learning about the science of the breath and how to do and use 5 different pranayamas, to do on 5 different days. An activity is paired with this week to bring you deeper into the focus of establishing a new ritual.

Module 2: body

In this week we will water the seeds. We will dive into the moves on the mat, asanas. We will be learning how to correctly position ourselves in different poses, and I teach you how to create your own Hatha flow. An activity is paired with this week to bring you deeper into the focus of cleansing.

Module 3: mind

In this week our seeds will begin to sprout, and breakthroughs/connection with your higher self will start to occur. We will be learning about meditationwhat it is and how to do it. We will have 5 different guided meditations, resembling five different ways to use meditation. An activity is paired with this week to bring you deeper into the focus of mindfulness.

Module 4: spirit

We bloom! I have designed 5 writing prompts and activities to bring you deeper into solidifying these new ways of thinking and being. We will go deep, and touch on things required to help you bust down the walls that have been holding you back. An activity is also paired with this week to bring you deeper into the focus of true change.


Bonus #1

Chakra talk! I explain the chakras – what they are, where they are, how to gain power of them and how to start to use them to your advantage.

Bonus #2

A powerful bonus guided 30-minute meditation in which I lead you to meet and communicate with your higher self.

“Katie is a true spiritual inspiration. This program taught me how to dig deeper into my spiritual journey and how to prioritize it everyday. The course has helped me become more grounded and self aware of my thoughts and breath. Katie opened my eyes to a new viewpoint on everyday life and how important it is to take care of yourself physically, psychologically, and spiritually.”



“I had been looking for new ways to connect with myself on a more spiritual level. When I saw that Katie had an online course to take I was very excited. What I learned has been so much more than I expected. I still practice what she taught me every day, and share it with my friends and family. I feel so much more in tune with myself. Forever thankful for you Katie, you are so inspiring!”


Master Aesthetician

“This program came at a perfect time for me as I had just been really starting to prioritize my spiritual journey. I am grateful for the knowledge shared about how to focus on your breath and proper breathing techniques – how to incorporate breathing into daily living and return to your power at any time. Something as easy of learning how to manipulate your breathing has really transformed my life. During the last week of the program, my dad had unexpected emergency heart surgery. The pranayamas, asanas and meditations are what relieved all my tensions and worry during an otherwise very emotional time for me. The best thing for me to do while he was recovering in a coma was to do the ‘sending healing’ meditation. It truly made me calm and felt an ease that all will be fine and that he felt my healing vibes. The program is packed full of knowledge and is like a spiritual treasure box. Whatever I’m feeling- there’s a synonymous breath work, flow sequence, meditation or writing prompt that seems to be exactly what I need in that moment. I especially love the chakra meditation and listen to it whenever I’m feeling stuck. I work on manifesting with my vision board daily. I keep the home link nearby to access any time. If someone is wanting to dive deeper and try to figure out what’s really going on inside their mind and body better, incorporating this program will be a game changer and provides fuel on the road to enlightenment.


Condo Association Manager

“You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problems, and everyone refuses to believe in magic.”

-Lewis Carroll

This All Sounds Great, But…

How do I carve out time for this?

The beauty of this course is that it can all be done from the comfort of your home, completely on your own schedule. I know we have busy schedules and can’t always drop everything to successfully pick up another. So, I have designed this in a way that eases in. The first week will only require 10 minutes a day of your time, and builds up until the third week and onwards – one hour. From this, take what works for YOU, and continue as you wish – you will know what to do.

What if I have never practiced yoga before?

That’s okay! This is specifically designed to fit people who are complete beginners, as well as those trying to brush up their existing practice. It is a blend of fast and slow, and modifications for easier or more advanced are given as often as possible.

What if I already have a daily routine?

This certainly does not have to take the place of another workout or wellness routine you already have that you love. However, this CAN act as a way to not only take that to deeper levels, but also the areas of your life that the other routines don’t touch. The beauty of this program is that it is sort of a one-stop shop to get right to the core and facilitate change in all ways.

What if I am religious?

Religion and spirituality go hand in hand, and this course inevitably enhances both avenues. Please feel free to intermix the language I use, with the words you prefer, to reach the same goal. The ability to gain control over your mind, thoughts and body is a very real practice. And the ability to embrace it, or at least try it, is an opportunity to allow yourself to advance mentally, physically and spiritually. This isn’t just words and thoughts, it is proven science – and it works, if you let it.

How is this any different from every other program out there?

Health and wellness has become one of the biggest industries in our world today. Everyday something new is coming out and frankly it’s hard to keep up. However, this program is special because it is designed to help you create the very thing inside of you without ANY external needs. There is no month to month fee, there is no product that runs out, there is nothing required – except you. And your willingness. This is made for you because this stuff is so transforming I couldn’t keep it to myself. I am not doing this for my benefit, but for yours.

Can I do this with other people?

Though as you progress it is definitely fun to talk about and practice with other people, this is a very personal program. It is designed not only to show you the power that happens when we separate ourselves from our surroundings and give ourselves the time go inwards, but also to help you build up the love for yourself that comes from getting “me time”. For this launch, I have added a ‘Fully Supported’ option which allows those seeking community to join in on a weekly one-hour group call every Sunday evening of the course.

Where am I supposed to do this?

Anywhere! The only space you will need for the entire program is a space large enough to roll out a yoga mat.

Will I need any further materials?

It is recommended to acquire a couple props for the asana portion, which can be found virtually anywhere. These will be listed after purchase.

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